Configure the Yoast SEO settings and optimize your website with better focus keywords, Google Search Console, and AMP pages. Create perfectly optimized content by going beyond green bullets. A complete guide to Yoast's plugin used by over 75,000 people.

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Choosing the wrong keywords is the most common mistake I see in SEO. Learn how to find WHAT people are searching (keyword research) and whether your site is capable of ranking for it (keyword competition) along with competitor and localized keywords.

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Pingdom Test


Run your website through Pingdom and follow this tutorial to get your site loading ridiculously fast. Read the comments and you'll see people saying things like "this might be one of the most helpful blog posts I’ve ever read" with >1s page load times.

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WP Rocket


Rated the #1 cache plugin in a popular Facebook poll and is $39... this plugin alone can improve load times by multiple seconds. Learn how to configure the settings with Cloudflare and MaxCDN. I already tested other cache plugins and this is the fastest.

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WP Fastest Cache


Rated the #1 FREE cache plugin in a Facebook poll and is (by far) the easiest to setup compared to many other cache plugins. $40 premium version is comparable to load times of WP Rocket. Learn how to configure the settings with Cloudflare and MaxCDN.

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Settings can be difficult to configure, but when done right can make your site load blazing fast. Tutorial includes a zip file of my pre-configured settings which you can upload directly to the plugin. Also includes Cloudflare and MaxCDN instructions.

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Verify your website using Yoast, submit your XML sitemap to Google, and fix crawl errors (broken pages) with redirects. Find security, mobile, and technical errors. Use the search analytics feature to measure performance of keywords, rankings, and click-through rates.

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Click-Through Rates


Enhance snippets to stand out in Google so you can increase click-through rates (CTR). Encourage Google to award you jump-to links and a spot in their featured snippet (AKA their answer box). Tutorial shows you 15 easy ways to enhance your snippets.

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Add review stars, recipe information, event details, and other information to snippets so you can further increase click-through rates. Can be done using the All In One Schema.org plugin (free but minimal) or the WP Rich Snippets plugin (premium and robust).

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Yoast SEO Premium


I don't recommend Yoast premium for everyone... the multiple focus keywords option is kind of useless, redirects can be done using a free redirect plugin, and other functionality is definitely optional. But it's worth a look if you want more SEO options.

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Rank higher in Maps and local search results by optimizing your Google My Business Page, fixing errors with directories (citations), then creating more directories with Moz Local and Whitespark. Create geo-targeted pages that rank in 1 location, or multiple locations.

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If you're looking for a stupidly easy way to rank higher in Google Maps, you need to check out Whitespark. Directories are 25% of local SEO and Whitespark will build these for $4-5/profile. Just complete their intake, pay them, and watch your rankings go up.

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Optimize videos to rank higher in Youtube AND Google. Research video keywords, optimize video titles and descriptions, and learn how to embed videos while hiding Youtube elements. I'm no Youtube sensation but my SEO tutorials have 300,000+ views.

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#1 rated WordPress host in a recent Facebook poll and is the core reason my site loads instantly. SiteGround will migrate you for free and is the only host listed on all 3 WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal hosting pages. Average load time with them is 1.3s

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Since you guys have been taking my recommendation on SiteGround's WordPress hosting I will be donating $3,000 to a good cause on GoFundMe in December, 2017 (and will continue to make a donation each year). Just trying to pay it forward :)

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Beautiful, SEO-friendly WordPress themes that are recommended by Yoast, Matt Cutts from Google, and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. Using a StudioPress theme can save you 100s of hours of work because you will never want to migrate your theme again.

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No Traffic


Think something's up with your SEO? Learn how to check for a Google penalty and the 14 most common reasons websites fail to rank (based on reviewing hundreds of sites over the last 5 years). Avoid these negative SEO mistakes to avoid a flatline in your analytics.

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Learn how I made $9,000 in the month of January 2017 by endorsing WordPress-related services. A comprehensive list of high commission affiliate programs for WordPress themes, hosting, Genesis Framework, SEO, speed, and even overseas freelancers.

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Tom Dupuis


When I'm not showing the world how to optimize their WordPress site, I'm either exercising or cooking a legit meal. Or ideally watching a Blackhawks game (yes, I'm from Chicago). I only do it every blue moon, but my best work is when I'm high. Oh, and I like cats.

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Need help making your site load faster? Pronaya helped me optimize mine to load in .3s. He's $25/hour, lives in Bangladesh, and I've been working with him for 5 years. Speed optimization projects usually run $200 and you can email him at [email protected]

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Still can't find what you're looking for? Send me a message through my contact form and I'll usually respond in a day. Or if you have a suggestion for a WordPress SEO tutorial I should write, I would definitely love to know about that. I'm always looking for new ideas.

Contact Me

Joanna 100x100

When our small business's numbers started dropping in searches, website visits, and customer calls, we couldn't figure out what the problem was. Luckily, we found Online Media Masters and Tom Dupuis to help us with our SEO.

Tom went above and beyond for us, not only helping us get our numbers back but moving us decisively beyond where we'd originally been. He had some simple and very helpful suggestions that he was willing to share right off the bat, then he tailored solutions to our site--finding keywords, suggesting new pages, and so forth. Within days of implementing his suggestions, site visits and customer calls increased; within a few weeks, we saw significant changes to data in both Google Analytics and Webmaster.

He was always available when we had questions. His knowledge is extensive and he is a conscientious professional who clearly cares about doing quality work and building relationships with clients.

Joanna, Nohotek

Grace R

I have been working with Tom and his team for 3 years now. The truth about websites is that they need constant refreshing to stay relevant and perform optimally.

Tom has become an invaluable resource for our business in this capacity. I simply don't have the time to learn the technical side of our website, but as it drives a good portion of our business these days, it's crucial that I have someone who is confident and capable of handling that end of things.

Tom takes care of anything I need in a timely and thorough manner, without any headache on my end, allowing me to stay focused on the things which I do best. Further, he is always on the forefront of the technology, and reaches out to me whenever it's time to make an update. It's one less thing to worry about.

I know I'm in good hands with Tom, and I recommend him to anyone who asks for SEO.

Grace, Ragsdale Inc.