A complete guide to Yoast used by over 200,000 people. Configure the ideal settings while optimizing your site with better focus keywords, Google Search Console, and AMP pages. Create perfectly optimized content and stop obsessing over those damn green bullets.

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Learn what people are searching (keyword research) and whether your site is capable of ranking for it (keyword competition) using tools like Google Autocomplete, Moz Keyword Explorer, and HubShout WebGrader. Find long-tail, localized, and competitor keywords.

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See how I got 100% scores in GTmetrix and Pingdom with a >1s load time. Read the comments like “My page speed score on gtmetrix went from 69 to 93” and “this might be one of the most helpful posts I’ve ever read.” 40 tips on cache, Cloudflare, images and more.

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Verify Google Search Console with Yoast, submit your XML sitemap, and fix crawl errors (broken pages) with redirects. Find errors with mobile, security, and Yoast SEO titles + meta descriptions. Use search analytics to measure SEO which is better than Google Analytics.

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Rank higher in Google Maps and local search results by optimizing your Google My Business Page, fixing online directories (citations), and creating more citations with Moz Local + Whitespark. Create geo-targeted pages that rank in 1 location, or multiple locations.

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Optimize videos to rank higher in both Youtube and Google. Research video keywords, tweak titles + descriptions for keywords and optimal length, and embed videos while hiding Youtube elements. I’m no sensation but my SEO videos have 400k views.

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SiteGround was rated the #1 host in a Facebook poll (and last year’s) taken by the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group which is the #1 speed factor. They will migrate you for free, are #1 in pretty much every conversation, and helped me get >1s GTmetrix load times.

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In September, 2017 I donated $3,000 of my SiteGround affiliate income to Red Cross at Hurricane Harvey and will continue to make a donation every year. Thank you for trusting me when I recommend SiteGround and using my affiliate link. Trying to pay it forward :)

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Learn how I made $8k in January, 2017 by endorsing WordPress-related products and services. A comprehensive list of trusted, high commission affiliate programs specifically for WordPress + Genesis themes, hosting, SEO, speed, and even overseas freelancers.

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This $39 plugin can reduce load times by multiple seconds and was rated the #1 cache plugin in a popular Facebook poll (it’s what I use). Learn how to configure the ideal WP Rocket settings with Cloudflare + MaxCDN and you’ll probably fix 10+ items in GTmetrix.

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This was rated the #1 free cache plugin and is (by far) the easiest to setup. $40 premium version is comparable to load times of WP Rocket and integrates with Cloudflare + MaxCDN. The developer makes ongoing updates and it should take 10 min. to setup.

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I recommend testing a few cache plugins to see which gives you the best result in Pingdom and GTmetrix. W3TC can be difficult to configure BUT… not when you use my pre-configured settings (zip file) you can upload directly to the plugin. The most popular tutorial on my site.

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Add review stars, recipe information, event details, and other information to snippets so they stand out in search results and increase CTR. This can be done using the All In One Schema.org plugin (free but minimal) or WP Rich Snippets (premium and robust).

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Increase click-through rates by getting awarded featured snippets (Google answer box), jump-to links, AMP, and recent publish dates to get more people clicking on blog post snippets. And of course, writing well-written Yoast SEO titles + meta descriptions.

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Think something’s up with your SEO? Learn how to check for a Google penalty and the 14 most common reasons websites fail to rank (based on reviewing hundreds of sites over the last 5 years). Avoid these negative SEO mistakes to avoid a flatline in your analytics.

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Should you buy Yoast Premium for $89/year? Learn why setting multiple focus keywords, redirect manager, social sharing previews, and other features may (or may not) be a good reason to buy it. Spoiler: most features aren’t helpful and I usually don’t recommend it.

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If you’re creating a new WordPress site (or redesigning an existing one), StudioPress themes are SEO-friendly via the Genesis Framework. They load super fast and are recommended by Yoast, Google’s Matt Cutts, and WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.

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One of the few things you can outsource in local SEO is citation building. Whitespark builds quality, consistent citations for $4-5 each and sends you a report with 1 universal login. They have a 5/5 star review with 150+ reviews. A no-brainer for ranking in Maps.

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Creepin’ on me? Here are 50 random and disturbing things about me. I basically live in Denver, sing/rap in the car, and puke in Mobil garbage cans. I’m an introverted, cat-loving libra who loves spontaneous adventures. Affiliate marketing changed my life.

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Need help making your site load faster? Pronaya helped me optimize mine to load in 200ms. He’s $40/hour, lives in Bangladesh, and I’ve been working with him for 5 years. Speed optimization projects usually run $350 and you can email him at [email protected]

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I like to know whose reading my babies so hit me up! I seriously love hearing from you guys. If you have a question about a tutorial please leave a comment there. Suggestions for future tutorials are definitely welcome otherwise, enjoy the guides and I hope you learn a ton!

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